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What if...

Reality is not what it used to be.

What if the ending of Resident Evil Apocalypse was different? What if nobody rescued Alice? What if instead of escaping, she'd been kept in the Umbrella Company's labs and experimented on for years? What if... she wasn't even close to being sane by the time she did manage to make her escape?

There are only three things she's certain of. One, she doesn't want to go back and she will kill to prevent that. Two, her name is Alice. Beyond that her memories are twisted and she's not sure of what's real and what's not. She's blocked a lot of things from her mind of the time before she became a lab rat. And finally, three, it's always better to hide. Though she is trying to remember how to act around people in places that, she thinks, are semi-safe. Now that doesn't mean that she's going to immediately give up old habits, like being very skittish or speaking in ways that are meant to be confusing. Verbal confusion, after all, is just another way to hide.

((OOC notes - I don't own the character Alice, Sony and Capcom do, I'm just using the character in various rpgs. Yes, even though this Alice is AU, she still has the whole enhanced strength, heightened killer extinct, etc. that the Cain character mentioned in the movie but I am glossing over the whole telepathic thing. It's more challenging to work around almost all of the super traits that the character's creators gave her than just get rid of them completely. Rest assured that she's not going to try and save the world, be the star of the show, etc. Most of the time, she'd rather run. And yeah, she can be killed in typical zombie fashion. One last note, I do not want her to be magically cured of all of her problems, thanks. ))